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Winterwerp, J.C. (author), Albers, Thorsten (author), Anthony, Edward J. (author), Friess, Daniel A. (author), Gijón Mancheño, A. (author), Moseley, Kene (author), Muhari, Abdul (author), Tas, S.A.J. (author), Tonneijck, Femke H. (author)
Mangrove-mud coasts across the world erode because of uninformed management, conversion of mangrove forests into aquaculture ponds, development of infrastructure and urbanization, and/or extraction of groundwater inducing land subsidence. The accompanied loss of ecosystem values, amongst which safety against flooding, has far reaching...
journal article 2020
van der Hoek, Alexander (author)
The aim of the Building with Nature (BwN) design philosophy is to improve on a traditional approach for infrastructural projects by utilising natural processes to create benefits for society and nature. In a fast-changing world where climate action is becoming increasingly important, there is need for an innovative approach in large...
master thesis 2018
Borsje, Ruben (author)
The Demak coastal area faces severe erosion problems. The main cause of the erosion of the coastline, which is at some places as high as 1.5 km of land, is the deforestation of the green belt of mangroves for the purpose of building fishponds. This has disturbed the delicate sediment balance in the area drastically. The BioManCO project aims to...
student report 2017