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Spasov, Mihail (author)
Image registration is the process that overlays two or more images from different sources taken at different times and angles. Art conservators take various scans of paintings and then register them against the original in order to learn more about the working style of the artist, materials used and physical changes throughout time. This paper...
bachelor thesis 2022
Ishiyama, Rui (author), Takahashi, Toru (author), Makino, Kengo (author), Kudo, Yuta (author), Kooper, Martin (author), Abbink, D.A. (author)
Counterfeit drugs have been a serious problem causing damage to people's health over the world. Numerous anti-counterfeiting methods based on tagging have been proposed; however, they suffer from three major issues: (1) tagging is applicable only to packages, not tablets directly; (2) end-users, i.e., patients, cannot inspect the tags; (3)...
conference paper 2019
Verstrate, Dave (author)
The startup company Fleet Cleaner has developed a mobile robot, specialized in the hull cleaning of large cargo vessels. Navigation and localization of this robot is currently performed manually. This is a difficult process that is greatly complicated during operation. This is mainly due to the availability of relative positioning sensors only,...
master thesis 2018