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Uysal, Faruk (author)
A frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar takes advantage of stretch processing (dechirping, deramping) to reduce the sampling requirements of radar systems such as automotive radars. When applying phase coding into FMCW radar systems for interference mitigation or joint communication, preservation of this benefit is not possible, due...
journal article 2020
Lampel, Franz (author), Uysal, Faruk (author), Tigrek, Firat (author), Orru, Simone (author), Alvarado, Alex (author), Willems, Frans (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
This paper describes an FMCW based radar and communication (RadCom) system and addresses the challenges in the synchronization of multiple units for communication functionality. We proposed a novel technique to detect the FMCW RadCom signal at the communication receiver and derive the detection and false alarm probabilities of it. Moreover,...
conference paper 2020
Overdevest, Jeroen (author)
Automotive radars play a crucial role in the reduction of traffic casualties and the realization of autonomous driving due to its robustness and adverse weather tolerance. However, as the penetration rate of automotive radars increases, concerns arise regarding the mutual interference. In contrast to the predominant Frequency-Modulated...
master thesis 2018