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Mondini, Camille (author)
Green phototrophs such as microalgae and cyanobacteria have been proven to be able to perform photoorganoheterotrophic metabolism. The use of organic carbon can result in higher biomass production and increased concentrations of valuable compounds. Organic waste streams can serve for this purpose and lower the biomass production costs. Cheese...
master thesis 2019
Van Arragon, D.T. (author)
Algae have been a hot topic in recent years due to their potential for several reasons. They have been proposed as an alternative for fossil fuels, a superfood for consumers, a potential CO2 absorber to reduce green house gas emission, feedstock for nutritional and chemical industry, a waste water treatment technique and more. However, the large...
master thesis 2014
Hannis, K.G. (author)
Algae have been shown to be a promising source of potential biofuel, as well as other beneficial by products. The cultivation process of algae is still open to refinement, however; bioreactor design can still be optimized. One of the factors that affect light penetration through a bioreactor growing algae is cell shape. This study endeavored to...
master thesis 2013