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Menor de Oñate, Adrian (author)
Exploring planetary bodies using robot swarms can potentially increase the value of the exploration missions; enabling the execution of novel measurements and explorations previously deemed impractical or unattainable. Despite its potential, the technology readiness level of planetary swarms is not very mature. This work uses multi-agent...
master thesis 2024
Dotinga, Renger (author)
The delivery of enriched icy grains has been proposed to explain the enrichment of Jupiter with noble gases. While consideration has been given to the formation composition of the ices, the release of species as grains migrates inward toward the forming planets has not been studied extensively. The accretion and subsequent desorption of noble...
master thesis 2020
Zorzi, Andrea (author)
We present an analysis of the temporal evolution of hazes on Neptune between 1994 and 2018, using HST archival data at visible wavelengths from theWFPC2 and WFC3 cameras. We assess the changes over time of the global reflectivity in the F850LP/F845M (methane) and F467M (blue) filters, adding more than 10 years of data to previous analyses. We...
master thesis 2019