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Gamez Losada, Fernando (author)
The propellantless nature of solar-sail propulsion allows researchers to design completely new sets of orbits unreachable or not-maintainable by means of conventional propulsion. The advantage of this somewhat new type of low-thrust propulsion system becomes more evident for long-duration missions where chemical or electrical rocket engines...
master thesis 2019
Heiligers, M.J. (author), van den Oever, Tom (author), Ceriotti, M. (author), Mulligan, P. (author), McInnes, CR (author)
A pole-sitter is a satellite that is stationed along the polar axis of the Earth, or any other planet, to generate a continuous, hemispherical view of the planet’s polar regions. In order to maintain such a vantage point, a low-thrust propulsion system is required to counterbalance the gravitational attraction of the planet and the Sun. Previous...
conference paper 2017