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Pei, R. (author), Tarek-Bahgat, N. (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Kleerebezem, R. (author), Werker, A. (author)
Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) was accumulated in full-scale municipal waste activated sludge at pilot scale. After accumulation, the fate of the PHB-rich biomass was evaluated over two weeks as a function of initial pH (5.5, 7.0 and 10), and incubation temperature (25, 37 and 55 °C), with or without aeration. PHB became consumed under aerobic...
journal article 2023
Susa, A. (author), Bijleveld, J.C. (author), Hernandez Santana, M. (author), Garcia, Santiago J. (author)
In this work we report the effect of the hard block dianhydride structure on the overall properties of partially bio-based semi-aromatic polyimides. For the study, four polyimides were synthesized using aliphatic fatty dimer diamine (DD1) as the soft block and four different commercially available aromatic dianhydrides as the hard block: 4,4'-(4...
journal article 2018