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Ceelen, Marcel (author)
Artificial intelligence is used in this research to predict the shelf life of strawberries. The prediction of shelf life is based on temperature measurements from the moment a package of strawberries is harvested till the moment this same package is bought by a customer in a local PLUS supermarket. The strawberries are harvested in the south of...
master thesis 2019
Van der Steen, P.M.H. (author)
During rough wave climates, vessel motions prevent people to be transferred safely form and to an offshore structure. The Ampelmann system is a ship-based, self stabilizing platform that actively compensates all vessel motions to make acces to offshore structures safe, easy and fast. The Ampelmann system uses a Steward platform to compensate...
master thesis 2016
Schreiter, T. (author)
The increase of mobility of the past decades has led to substantial congestion on the freeways. Traffic jams emerge both on a daily basis at the same location, as well as during accidents when a part of the freeways is temporarily blocked. In those cases, traffic management centers intervene into traffic in order to reduce or even dissolve...
doctoral thesis 2013