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Pichler, Niels (author), Wang, Wandong (author), Poulis, J.A. (author), Ghafoori, Elyas (author)
Developing a bonded prestressed solution for strengthening structures utilizing an iron-based shape memory alloy (Fe-SMA), is of significant interest. This study is the first systematic investigation of adhesively-bonded Fe-SMA joints to achieve complete cohesive failure, which is an essential prerequisite for bond integrity. The Fe-SMA...
journal article 2023
Ardila Rodriguez, L.A. (author), Boshuizen, B. (author), Rans, C.D. (author), Poulis, J.A. (author)
In this study, different surface pretreatments were applied to clean and activate titanium alloy surfaces. The samples were subjected to grit blasting treatments using two different pressures and afterwards, a UV/Ozone treatment was applied at different times to study the wettability and surface oxidation of the titanium samples. Scanning...
journal article 2021