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Polyportis, Athanasios (author), Mugge, R. (author), Magnier, L.B.M. (author)
Despite their environmental benefits, products made from recycled materials are not readily adopted. Prior studies focused on improving consumer adoption via product attributes and marketing elements, but the impact of product appearance remains a gap in the literature. This research contributes by investigating how observability of the recycled...
journal article 2024
Polyportis, A. (author), Mugge, R. (author), Magnier, L.B.M. (author)
Consumers have a positive attitude towards products made from recycled materials; however, they frequently end up not purchasing them. To shed light on the factors that influence consumer preferences and acceptance of products made from recycled materials, a scoping review was conducted with the following objectives: (1) to explore which...
review 2022