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Mulder, Jelmer (author)
In the Netherlands roughly 20.000 people wear an ocular prosthetic as a consequence of losing their eye due to an accident or disease. An ocular prosthetic is a type of facial prosthesis that replaces an absent natural eye. The main goal of an ocular prosthetic is to provide an aesthetic replacement of a real eye. It does not restore the ability...
master thesis 2022
Liu, Jinyi (author)
The prosthetic eye is created to help people who have lost an eye. The eye itself can only improve the appearance but without any optic function. In order to optimize the appearance, a prosthetic eye with a pupil that can dilate and contract according to the light level, just like the natural eye, is desired. The primary goal of this work is to...
master thesis 2018
Van der Beek, R.E. (author)
Problem definition: The ocular prosthetic does not resemble the natural eyes enough, the pupil does not dilate and contract. To make the patients feel more complete the prosthesis should look as much as a natural eye as possible. Assignment: Improve the ocular prosthetic, by making it able for the pupil to dilate and contract, to let it resemble...
master thesis 2016