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Roscoe, K. (author), Hanea, Anca (author), Jongejan, R.B. (author), Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. (author)
In levee system reliability, the length effect is the term given to the phenomenon that the longer the levee, the higher the probability that it will have a weak spot and fail. Quantitatively, it is the ratio of the segment failure probability to the cross-sectional failure probability. The literature is lacking in methods to calculate the...
review 2020
Schoemaker, M.A. (author)
The Hollandsche IJssel is a river between Rotterdam and Gouda and is protected from the main river system in the Netherlands by a storm surge barrier. The Hollandsche IJssel experiences several problems: the storm surge barrier dates from 1958 and has a relatively low closure reliability; three quarters of the dikes have been rejected according...
master thesis 2016
Reinders, K.J. (author), Schoenmaker, B. (author), Nohl, W.A. (author)
New vertical steel storage tanks founded on a shallow foundation of a crushed rock ring are planned at the same location of former storage tanks. The dimensions, loads and foundation of the new tanks are identical to the old tanks which were erected 40 years ago and demolished a few years ago. Despite the fact that the new tanks are identical to...
conference paper 2015