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Provó Kluit, Mark (author)
Large­scale machine learning frameworks can accelerate training of a neural network by per­ forming distributed training on a cluster using multiple GPUs per node and multiple nodes. Because distributed training on a cluster involves many nodes which need to communicate and load and exchange data, a machine learning framework may at certain...
master thesis 2022
Vigilanza Lorenzo, Pietro (author)
Machine Learning (ML) models are vulnerable to adversarial samples — human imperceptible changes to regular input to elicit wrong output on a given model. Plenty of adversarial attacks assume an attacker has access to the underlying model or access to the data used to train the model. Instead, in this paper we focus on the effects the data...
bachelor thesis 2022
Batheja, Dhruv (author)
This work tackles the problem of repetition counting in videos using modern deep learning techniques. For this task, the intention is to build an end-to-end trainable model that could estimate the number of repetitions without having to manually intervene with the feature selection process. The models that exist currently perform well on videos...
master thesis 2019