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Verduyn, Thomas (author)
The need of computational power for engineering applications has been ever increasing and with classical computers approaching their physical limits, new ways of improvement have to be investigated. One of the promising solutions is quantum computing. Most engineering problems require solving a system of linear equations of higher dimensions and...
master thesis 2022
Cappanera, Enrico (author)
This research investigates the possibility of solving one dimensional Poisson's equation on quantum computers using the Variational Quantum Linear Solver (VQLS) as a simplified test case for fluid dynamics applications. In this work, Poisson's equation is discretized with the finite element method and the resulting matrix is decomposed as a...
master thesis 2021
Veldhuizen, Daniƫl (author)
Quantum computers promise an exponential speed-up over their classical counterparts for certain tasks relevant to various fields including science, technology, and finance. To unlock this potential, the technology must be scaled up and the errors at play must be reduced. As developments in scalable quantum computation devices advance, the demand...
bachelor thesis 2021