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de Moor, Aral (author)
Large language models are powerful because of their state-of-the-art language processing abilities. But, they come at the cost of being extremely resource-intensive, and are steadily growing in size. As a result, compressing such models for resource- constrained devices is an active and promising re- search area. In spite of their current...
bachelor thesis 2023
Merkx, D.G.M. (author), Scholten, Sebastiaan (author), Frank, Stefan L. (author), Ernestus, Mirjam (author), Scharenborg, O.E. (author)
Many computational models of speech recognition assume that the set of target words is already given. This implies that these models learn to recognise speech in a biologically unrealistic manner, i.e. with prior lexical knowledge and explicit supervision. In contrast, visually grounded speech models learn to recognise speech without prior...
journal article 2022