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Lieuw A Soe, Devin (author)
With 3D reconstruction from borescope videos of jet engines, inspections can be made more efficient. Being able to reconstruct 3D models of the jet engines potentially contributes to making the inspections autonomous. Methods that will be used for this reconstruction require to be evaluated to ensure the accuracy of the 3D models that they...
bachelor thesis 2021
Dong, Xu (author), Shen, Luyi (author), Zhao, Jianpeng (author), Liu, Xuefeng (author), Sun, Yuli (author), Golsanami, Naser (author), Wang, Fei (author), Bi, Haisheng (author), Zitha, P.L.J. (author)
Complete and thorough core cleaning is a critical prerequisite for the precise measurements of most rock's petrophysical parameters. In shale, the oil cleaning process, aimed to remove the volatile hydrocarbons, is often complicated by the requirement for intact solid organic. Evaluation of shale's cleaning methods needs to take structural...
journal article 2020
Li, Yadong (author)
Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are a class of generative models, for which the goal is to learn from training data and then to generate data with similar characteristics. Despite the wide use of GANs, a quantitative evaluation method of their performance is lacking. In the current work, we invented a series of artificial datasets,...
master thesis 2018