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de Bos, Hidde (author)
Quantum Markov Semigroups (QMS) describe the evolution of a quantum system by evolving a projection or density operator in time. QMS are generated by a generator obeying the well-known Lindblad equation. However, this is a difficult equation. Therefore, the result that the Lindblad form greatly simplifies in the case of the...
bachelor thesis 2021
Li, Vincent (author)
In this thesis we present a study of quantum Markov semigroups. In particular, we mainly consider quantum Markov semigroups with detailed balance that are defined on finite-dimensional C*-algebras. They have an invariant density matrix ρ. Carlen and Maas showed that the evolution on the set of invertible density matrices that is given by such a...
master thesis 2021
Caspers, M.P.T. (author)
One of the main aims of this paper is to give a large class of strongly solid compact quantum groups. We do this by using quantum Markov semigroups and noncommutative Riesz transforms. We introduce a property for quantum Markov semigroups of central multipliers on a compact quantum group which we shall call 'approximate linearity with almost...
journal article 2021