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Van Rijs, Samantha (author), Ercan, ─░lke (author), Vladimirescu, A. (author), Sebastiano, F. (author)
Quantum computers process information stored in quantum bits (qubits), which must be controlled and read out by a traditional electronic interface. Co-designing and cooptimizing such a quantum-classical complex system requires efficient simulators to emulate the qubits and their interaction with classical electronics. For spin-qubit readout,...
conference paper 2023
de Ronde, Folkert (author)
The world of quantum computing is still quickly developing and growing as it is searching for the best technology to implement quantum bits. One of these technologies is a diamond-based quantum computer using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. In order to sustain the mentioned growth, the limits of electronics as well as computer engineering need to...
master thesis 2022
Dubbeldam, L. (author)
doctoral thesis 1989