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Liu, J. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author), Rotteveel, E. (author), Hopman, J.J. (author)
The manoeuvring performance of inland vessels is even more crucial than that of seagoing ships due to more complex navigation environment. One of the most effective possibilities to improve ship manoeuvrability is to change the rudder configuration. Twin or even quadruple rudders and high-lift profiles are widely applied to inland vessels. When...
journal article 2017
Liu, J. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
An accurate estimation of the rudder forces and moments is essential for manoeuvrability prediction. Previous research has shown that ships have different manoeuvring performance in deep and shallow water. Before considering the rudder’s contribution to shallow water manoeuvring, it is meaningful to analyse the shallow water effects on the...
conference paper 2016
Liu, J. (author), Quadvlieg, F. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
The performance of a ship’s rudder largely determines its manoeuvrability, which includes turning ability, initial turning ability, yaw-checking ability and course-keeping ability. However, existing empirical formulas for rudder forces do not concern the rudder profile. This paper discusses the impacts of various rudder profiles on ship...
conference paper 2015