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Wu, Yizhuo Wu (author)
With the advancement of 5G/6G radio networks, the demand for high-performance power amplifiers (PAs) with clean spectra and compact constellations has increased significantly. To address these challenges, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based digital predistortion (DPD) has emerged as a promising approach to linearize radio-frequency (RF) PAs....
master thesis 2023
Bagdonas, Faustas (author)
Many applications require wide bandwidth transmitters, but unfortunately, they usually have way less than 50% average drain efficiency for their modulated signals. This low efficiency is a significant drawback in all wireless applications, both for battery power devices and base stations. The Doherty radio frequency (RF) power amplifier...
master thesis 2021
Qureshi, J.H. (author), Pelk, M.J. (author), Marchetti, M. (author), Neo, W.C.E. (author), Gajadharsing, J.R. (author), Van der Heijden, M.P. (author), De Vreede, L.C.N. (author)
A 90-W peak-power 2.14-GHz improved GaN outphasing amplifier with 50.5% average efficiency for wideband code division multiple access (W-CDMA) signals is presented. Independent control of the branch amplifiers by two in-phase/quadrature modulators enables optimum outphasing and input power leveling, yielding significant improvements in gain,...
journal article 2009