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Barsom, Bavly (author)
Supersonic intakes are essential in assuring proper combustion for operating ramjet engines on cruise missiles. However, due to increasing threats and a rapidly changing service environment, today's intakes do not fit anymore to comply with the new set of requirements to tackle the above challenges. Therefore, a novel supersonic intake design is...
master thesis 2021
Kwakman, Koen (author)
Since ramjet propulsion eliminates the need for oxidizers, it provides an alternative to classic rocket engines for missiles and projectiles. However, to capture free-stream air, ramjet engines require large supersonic air intakes, which can be an operational nuisance. A possible alternative is to make the supersonic intakes flush with the...
master thesis 2019
van Wijk, Erwin (author)
To evaluate the performance of proposed submerged intakes in an early design phase, a performance analysis model able to evaluate a range of intake geometries is required. This document details how such a model was developed with the use of available sub-models for specific flow features. A formulation of the method of characteristics suitable...
master thesis 2017