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Wassenaar, Vincent (author)
A graph G=(V,E) is a mathematical model for a network with vertex set V and edge set E. A Random Graph model is a probabilistic graph. A Random Geometric Graph is a Random Graph were each vertex has a location in a space χ. We compare the Erdos-Rényi random graph, G(n,p), to the Random Geometric Graph model, RGG(n,r) where, in general we use r=c...
bachelor thesis 2022
Van den Esker, H. (author)
Many empirical studies on real-life networks show that many networks are small worlds, meaning that typical distances in these networks are small, and many of them have power-law degree sequences, meaning that the number of nodes with degree k falls off as kˆ (-τ) for some exponent τ>1. These networks are modeled by means of scale-free random...
doctoral thesis 2008