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<b>Background and purpose</b>: One of the main challenges in external beam radiotherapy treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer patients is dealing with bladder and rectum filling. Organ filling causes inter­fraction motion of the uterus, requiring large treatment planning volumes, or a plan library. Current assessment of tumor position is...
master thesis 2022
Papageorgiou, Manos (author)
Three-dimensional (3D) city models are of great significance and are high in demand. They can be used for various useful applications such as urban planning, visibility analysis and estimating the solar irradiation and energy demand of buildings throughout the day. Nowadays, Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are one of the most...
master thesis 2021
Imming, Sietske (author)
Maximisation of treatment efficiency in hospitals can lead to significant growth in terms of patient satisfaction, staff productivity and hospital revenue. Scheduling for the operating department is currently done manually, using standard values for duration that vary with procedure type. This implies that no patient characteristics nor...
master thesis 2020