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Karydakis, Panagiotis (author)
Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that superimposes digital generated objects on the physical world. It has the potential to create new products and services,like visualizing future buildings or objects that will decorate a place, which creates new opportunities for applications in both the public and private sector. The architecture and...
master thesis 2018
Van Dixhoorn, A.F. (author)
Functional brain connectivity from fMRI studies has become an important tool in studying functional interactions in the human brain as a complex network. The correlation between the fMRI activity traces of distinct brain regions indicates to what extent they are functionally connected. fMRI connectivity data typically consists of a matrix of...
master thesis 2012
Vissers, B.H. (author)
Volume visualization of photographic data is a relatively new domain for medical visualisation. In photographic volumes, voxel colour is predetermined, making colour selection through transfer functions less important, or even unnecessary. However, voxel classi?cation from photographic data is more complex than classi?cation from scalar datasets...
master thesis 2011