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van der Ven, Linde (author)
Being both a low-lying delta and having one of the most significant mortgage-to-debt-to-GDP ratios in the world, the Dutch economy is vulnerable to damages to real estate due to floods as this could lead to large-scale householder default and ultimately destabilize their economy. Notwithstanding, a generic and widely adopted tool to assess flood...
master thesis 2023
Nase, I. (author), Berry, J. (author), Adair, A. (author)
This paper estimates the impact of quality design attributes on real estate value through empirical investigation of the owner-occupied multifamily residential sector. The methodological design is based on spatiotemporal modelling using a unique data-set of 424 Belfast City Centre apartments sold during the period 2000–2008. The key findings...
journal article 2016
Oligschläger, P. (author)
De invloed van iconische gebouwen op de vastgoedwaarde van de directe stedelijke omgeving. The influence of flagships on the real estate value of the direct urban environment.
master thesis 2015