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Blutman, Kristof (author), Kapoor, Ajay (author), Majumdar, Arjun (author), Martinez, Jacinto Garcia (author), Echeverri, Juan (author), Sevat, Leo (author), van der Wel, Arnoud P. (author), Fatemi, Hamed (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
A 40-nm microcontroller featuring voltage stacked memory and logic is presented. This involved connecting the power domains of the memory and logic in series, such that the ground of one power domain is connected to the positive supply rail of the other. In this paper, an ARM Cortex-M0+ and its peripherals are powered from 0 V to V<sub>DD<...
journal article 2017
Majumdar, P. (author), Karana, E. (author), Ghazal, S. (author), Sonneveld, M.H. (author)
A growing number of scholars argue that understanding how people experience materials in products, i.e. Materials Experience, is essential in<br/>designing meaningful material applications. Material Driven Design (MDD) has been developed as the method to understand these experiential traits<br/>of materials and embed them in the design process....
conference paper 2017