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Meekes, Bauke (author)
This work proposes an energy harvesting DC-DC converter that is able to efficiently process a wide input power range from 25 mW up to 250 mW, to charge a storage device used in Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. An interleaved boost-converter topology with two inductors is used to divide the high currents over the two branches, in order to...
master thesis 2022
Houri, S. (author), Geuze, M.J. (author), Venstra, W.J. (author)
We demonstrate thermo-mechanical relaxation oscillations in a strongly driven quartz crystal. Dynamic bifurcation leads to two stable oscillation states with a distinct electrical impedance. Slow Joule-heating, which shifts the susceptibility of the crystal, provides a feedback that leads to thermally induced oscillations in which the amplitude...
journal article 2015
Reverter, F. (author), Li, X. (author), Meijer, G.C.M. (author)
journal article 2008