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Pham, N.Q. (author), Tran, H.N. (author), Thi, K.V.L. (author), Nong, A.B. (author), Rutten, M.M. (author)
Ecosystems are providing a stream of essential goods and services for the national socio-economic prosperity and welfare; paradoxically, these services have to suffer a high vulnerability against the increasingly uncontrolled use of human beings. World-wide researchers and authorities are working to ensure the sustainability of nature; and...
conference paper 2015
Rutten, M.M. (author)
The boundary that separates the earth from the atmosphere is a crucial zone of study for meteorology and hydrology. Here, solar energy is partitioned into sensible heat which drives atmospheric circulation, latent heat needed for evaporation from the soil and transpiration of vegetation, and soil heat which warms the subsurface. Precipitation is...
doctoral thesis 2015