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Van Dongeren, A. (author), Van Ormondt, M. (author), Sembiring, L. (author), Sasso, R. (author), Austin, M. (author), Briere, C. (author), Swinkels, C. (author), Roelvink, J.A. (author), Van Thiel De Vries, J.S.M. (author)
This paper describes the development of a physics-based rip current prediction system called CoSMoS. This system consists of a hydrodynamic prediction system which is composed of a train of surge and wave models from the global scale to the scale of a beach resort (order kilometers). For the beach resort scale model, it is of utmost importance...
conference paper 2013
Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author), Ruessink, B.G. (author), Roelvink, J.A. (author)
Time-averaged (over many wave periods) nearshore video observations show the process of wave breaking as one or more white alongshore bands of high intensity. Across a known depth profile, similar bands of dissipation can be predicted with a model describing the time-averaged cross-shore evolution of organized wave and roller energy. This close...
journal article 2005
Wijnberg, K.M. (author), Roelvink, J.A. (author), Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author)
report 2004