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Li, Nana (author), Jia, Li (author), Lu, Jing (author), Menenti, M. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
The regional surface soil heat flux (G0) estimation is very important for the large-scale land surface process modeling. However, most of the regional G0 estimation methods are based on the empirical relationship between G0 and the net radiation flux. A physical model based on harmonic analysis was improved (referred to as "HM model") and...
journal article 2017
Shang, H. (author), Li, J. (author), Menenti, M. (author)
The soil wetness condition is a useful indicator of inundation hazard in floodplains, such as the Poyang Lake floodplain. Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSM/I) passive microwave data were used to monitor water-saturated soil and open water areas of the Poyang Lake floodplain from 2001 to 2008, capturing the inundation patterns of this area in...
journal article 2015