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Hepkema, Tjebbe M. (author), de Swart, Huib E. (author), Nnafie, Abdel (author), Schramkowski, George P. (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author)
The role of the Coriolis effect in the initial formation of bottom patterns in a tidal channel is studied by means of a linear stability analysis. The key finding is that the mechanism generating oblique tidal sand ridges on the continental shelf is also present in confined tidal channels. As a result, the Coriolis effect causes the fastest...
journal article 2020
Van der Linden, L.G. (author)
In this master thesis the residual circulation in the North Sea is investigated. It has been shown that the numerical models used in this thesis (DCSMv5 and DCSMv6) give a rather low representation of the actual circulation pattern in the North Sea. The dominating forces which cause residual currents in the North Sea are the tidal forcings,...
master thesis 2014