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Blom, T. (author), Jenkins, Andrew (author), van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author)
The urban energy transition requires innovative heating and cooling systems, as well as enhanced flexibility in electricity usage. This paper explores the theoretical potential for vertical farms to contribute to the energy transition by supplying residual heat to local district heat networks and flexible electricity usage. A stepped approach...
journal article 2024
Kooymans, Hugo (author)
With the shift towards a digital economy, the demand for ICT-capacity is growing fast. The fundamental node of this infrastructure is the datacenter. With the idea of the ┬┤smart city┬┤ as a future perspective, the question rises how the physical manifestation of the data center should be in the built environment. But, as important, how it could...
master thesis 2018
Fremouw, M.A. (author)
We do live in interesting times. Social, political and financial turmoil, peak oil and nuclear accidents all contribute to the realisation that perhaps things need to change in our energy system. Providing the right type of energy at the right place at the right time is of course the answer. As the potential yields of renewable energy sources...
master thesis 2012