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LeciƱana, I. (author), Renart, J. (author), Turon, A. (author), Zurbitu, J. (author), Tijs, B.H.A.H. (author)
Through the application of innovative production processes, thermoplastic composites might help the aviation industry become more sustainable. However, there is currently not much experimental understanding on the fatigue behaviour, and validated analysis methodologies on thermoplastic composites are rather limited. In this work, the fatigue...
journal article 2023
Liu, Xinmiao (author)
Fatigue is typically a governing limit state for maritime structures, and weld joints are the most critical locations. Various fatigue damage criteria have been developed involving either an intact or cracked geometry parameter, incorporating local or global information. In this thesis, the effective notch stress based total life fatigue damage...
master thesis 2022
Qin, Y. (author), den Besten, J.H. (author), Palkar, S.S. (author), Kaminski, M.L. (author)
Fatigue is a governing design limit state for marine structures. Welded joints are important in that respect. The weld notch stress (intensity) distributions contain essential information and formulations have been established to obtain a total stress fatigue damage criterion and corresponding fatigue resistance curve; a total stress concept....
journal article 2019