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Zeng, Q. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author), Thill, C.H. (author), Hopman, J.J. (author)
The conventional extrapolation of ship resistance from model tests to full scale presumes that the coefficient of wave-making resistance (C<sub>w</sub>) depends on the Froude number only. This leads to the assumption that C<sub>w</sub> of a ship is identical to C<sub>w</sub> of its scaled model. However, this assumption is challenged in...
journal article 2020
Zeng, Q. (author)
The traditional approach of extrapolating the experimentally measured model resistance of a ship to full scale is based on the Froude assumption or the form factor assumption, where the viscous part and wave-making part of the resistance are dealt with in deep water. In shallow water, however, the water-depth dependency of flat-plate/ship...
doctoral thesis 2019