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Wang, H. (author), Lu, Guoyang (author), Feng, Shuyin (author), Wen, Xiaobo (author), Yang, Jun (author)
on the electrical and thermal conductivity, conventional physical properties,...
journal article 2019
van Dijk, Y. L.M. (author), Grätzl, Thomas (author), Abouhamzeh, M. (author), Kroll, L. (author), Shroff, S. (author)
This paper presents results of material characterisation experiments on the hygrothermal viscoelastic behaviour of unidirectional laminates of continuous carbon-fibre reinforced polyamide 6. The material behaviour when subjected to the automotive painting process is of interest. Coefficients of thermal- and -moisture expansion were determined...
journal article 2018
Van Kessel, T. (author)
In order to predict the stain and shear rate response of cohesive sediment suspensions to applied forces, their rheological properties have to be known. In this report the rheological properties of both China clay, an artificial mud, and Caland channel mud, a natural mud, are investigated. Four types of experiments are involved: equilibrium flow...
report 1996