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Hop, M. (author)
The Rhine ROFI ( region of freshwater influence) is a dynamic area where various processes and timescales come together. Research has shown that stratification caused by the freshwater outflow of the Rhine alters the tidal currents in front of the Dutch coast. In the case of the Netherlands the tide behaves like a kelvin wave, which causes...
master thesis 2017
Gensen, M.R.A. (author)
Additional thesis - The Rhine river outflow has a major impact on the North Sea in front of the Dutch coast. It creates the Rhine ROFI (region of freshwater influence), a very complex three-dimensional volume of water with a relatively low salinity. Many researches have been conducted on this phenomenon. Now another complex factor is added: a...
student report 2016
Waagmeester, N.C.D. (author)
Using D-Flow Flexible Mesh numerical software to simulate the region of freshwater influence of the Rhine in front of the Dutch coast to assess the influence of stratification on the near-bottom velocities and the related cross shore sand transport.
master thesis 2015