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Hedayati, R. (author), Sadighi, M. (author), Mohammadi-Aghdam, M (author), Hosseini-Toudeshky, H (author)
Additive manufacturing techniques have made it possible to create open-cell porous structures with arbitrary micro-geometrical characteristics. Since a wide range of micro-geometrical features is available for making an implant, having a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical response of cellular structures is very useful. In this study,...
journal article 2018
Hedayati, R. (author), Sadighi, M. (author)
Today, interconnected open-cell porous structures made of titanium and its alloys are replacing the prevalent solid metals used in bone substitute implants. The advent of additive manufacturing techniques has enabled manufacturing of open-cell structures with arbitrary micro-structural geometry. In this paper, rhombic dodecahedron structures...
journal article 2016