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Versteijlen, W.G. (author)
Offshore wind generated electricity is currently one of the most promising sources of energy to contribute in creating a sustainable global energy mix. The latter is essential for minimising the detrimental impact of human-induced accelerated climate change. The cost of offshore wind power has strongly decreased over the past years due to ...
doctoral thesis 2018
Versteijlen, W.G. (author), Renting, F.W. (author), van der Valk, P. L.C. (author), Bongers, J. (author), van Dalen, K.N. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
In an attempt to decrease the modelling uncertainty associated with the soil-structure interaction of large-diameter monopile foundations, a hydraulic shaker was used to excite a real-sized, in-situ monopile foundation in stiff, sandy soil in a near-shore wind farm. The response in terms of natural frequency and damping of a pile-only system...
journal article 2017