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Wang, H. (author), Lehane, B. M. (author), Bransby, M. F. (author), Askarinejad, A. (author), Wang, L. Z. (author), Hong, Y. (author)
Monopiles are the most popular foundation for offshore wind turbines. These foundations typically have a low length to diameter ratio and undergo a rigid body rotation when subjected to lateral load. This paper presents results from an extensive numerical investigation involving 3D finite element analyses to demonstrate that the lateral...
journal article 2022
Sitanggang, A.P.B. (author)
master thesis 2017
Versteijlen, W.G. (author), Renting, F.W. (author), Valk, van der, P.L.C. (author), Bongers, J. (author), van Dalen, K.N. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
It is widely accepted that the initial stiffness derived with the p-y methodology as prescribed by the American Petroleum Institute does not capture the true small-strain stiffness for rigidly behaving piles. We present an alternative method, capturing the 3D effects in the soil-pile interaction, in which the soil is characterized with in-situ...
journal article 2017