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van der Vegt, N. (author), Klerk, W.J. (author), Peters, D.J. (author), van Gent, M.R.A. (author), Hofland, Bas (author)
Initial damage, caused by previous wave loading or other events, might affect the hydraulic stability of pattern-placed revetments. Three common types of damage are considered in this study. The effect of this assumed initial damage on the hydraulic stability and failure probability of revetments is quantified using a FEM model. This model is...
journal article 2024
An, Qi (author)
Dynamic traffic management (DTM) plays an important role from Dutch policy perspective to prevent road congestion and has been developed from control strategies to services. Five traffic control centers, 22 different DTM systems with 35 functions and over 50,000 DTM components make up the national traffic management network in the Netherlands....
master thesis 2020
Mehairjan, R.P.Y. (author)
Presently, maintenance management of assets in infrastructure utilities such as electricity, gas and water are widely undergoing changes towards new working environments. These are mainly driven against the background of stringent regulatory regimes, an ageing asset base, increased customer demands and constrained financial resources. Therefore,...
doctoral thesis 2016