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de Laat, Willem (author)
The need to receive and process higher data rates in computer clusters is an ever-increasing trend. This also applies to radio-astronomic systems, which have become more distributed over the past decades, increasing data traffic between antennas and processing facilities. At the antenna, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) digitise the radio...
master thesis 2022
SONG, TIANLI (author)
Big data analytics is one of the foundations for booming technologies such as machine learning, genetics/genomics, and computer vision. These big data applications require a large amount of data transfers for distributed and parallel processing. Networking is thus a crucial facilitator and could make big impact on big data processing.<br/><br/...
master thesis 2021
Wansink, J.B. (author)
In this study a cash-flow analysis is done in order to establish the cash sources and sinks of a peer group of mining companies in the iron ore sector. The peer-group ranges from junior companies to major mining companies. The study also looked in to the performance and profitability of the peer group using ROCE and share prices as indicators....
bachelor thesis 2013