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Kolari, A. (author)
Today market success and competitive advantage depends on information, and the proper flow of information using information technologies is critical to maintain competitive advantage. To improve their business processes and networks, organizations need to leverage new information systems/information technologies (IS/IT). These new IT systems,...
master thesis 2020
Orynbayeva, Altynay (author)
Companies today are continually looking for new ways to digitize and automate their processes in order to maximize productivity and efficiency. Existing academic research has shown the efficiency and benefits of process automation using Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Through preliminary research, we observed that most of the companies have...
master thesis 2019
Juan Maso, Albert (author)
Artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced. In the future, robots equipped with AI will behave an act similarly as humans do, and this raises concerns about how they are going to be governed. However, scientists are alerting that not enough attention is paid to AI from a sociotechnical point of view. Intelligent systems can...
master thesis 2018