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Bron Jacobs, Joachim (author)
A Tomographic Background-Oriented Schlieren (TBOS) technique is developed to aid in the visualization of compressible flows. An experimental setup was devised around a sub-scale rocket nozzle, in which four cameras were set up in a circular configuration with 30° angular spacing in azimuth. Measurements were taken of the overexpanded supersonic...
student report 2023
Ehlen, Johannes (author)
Unlike a liquid rocket-engine, it is not possible to actively throttle the overall combustion of a solid rocket-motor. It is however possible to alter the thrust of an individual thruster by varying its throat area. The throat area can be altered by inserting a pintle of a conical or other shape into the nozzle throat. A setup which consist of...
master thesis 2018
Hagmeijer, R. (author)
Computational grids are used for the discretisation of partial differential equations (PDE's) such that solution of the resulting system of algebraic equations for the discrete values of the dependent variables provides an approximation to the solution of the system of PDE's. When the discretisation of the partial differential equations (PDE's)...
report 1997