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Zamponi, R. (author)
The interaction of an airfoil with incident turbulence is an important source of aerodynamic noise in numerous applications, such as turbofan engines, cooling systems for automotive and construction industries, high-lift devices on aircraft wings, and landing gear systems. In these instances, turbulence is generally produced by elements that are...
doctoral thesis 2021
Zamponi, R. (author), Satcunanathan, S. (author), Moreau, S. (author), Ragni, D. (author), Meinke, M. (author), Schröder, W. (author), Schram, C. (author)
A possible strategy for the reduction of the aeroacoustic noise generated by turbulence interacting with a wing profile, also referred to as leading-edge noise, is represented by the implementation of a porous medium in the structure of the airfoil. However, the physical mechanisms involved in this noise mitigation technique remain unclear....
journal article 2020