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Swierstra, A.B. (author), van Nes, R. (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author)
The implementation of travel time reliability (TTR) in route choice behaviour is still not very common in transport models, especially not in a public transport context. The reasons probably are that it is difficult to measure and that there is no agreement how it best can be represented in utility functions. Typically, it is represented by a...
journal article 2017
Moraes Ramos, G. (author), Frejinger, E. (author), Daamen, W. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
The past decades have seen an increased interest in the role of information as a tool to alleviate congestion. However, because the relationship between travelers’ behavior and information provision is not clear yet, the need for more experiments has been claimed in literature. From May 9th, 2011 to July 12th, 2011 a revealed route choice...
conference paper 2012