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Van den Bosch, I.C. (author)
Wave fields in the close vicinity of a coastal structure can be very complex, this is especially the case during extreme storm conditions and for complex geometries. There is a growing interest for numerical simulation tools capable of predicting in detail the complex hydrodynamic loads due to waves and currents and its effect at structures. In...
master thesis 2010
Oumeraci, H. (author), Staal, T. (author), Pfoertner, S. (author), Kudella, M. (author), Schimmels, S. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author)
Elastomeric bonded permeable revetments, also called PBA (Polyurethane bonded aggregate) revetments, are highly porous structures made of mineral aggregates (e.g. crushed stones) which are durably and elastically bonded by polyurethane (PU). Despite their numerous advantages as compared to conventional revetments and the large experience...
conference paper 2010