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Koreman, M.C.J. (author)
This paper examines the dreams for the future of young adults in Midden-Noord-Brabant and Zeeland, the Netherlands. Through 274 qualitative surveys and focus groups with 12 participants, it explores their dreams for the future, the obstacles they foresee in realising these dreams, and the influence of these obstacles on their stated life plans....
journal article 2023
Kulshreshtha, Y. (author)
Building with unfired earth (mud) is an ancient practice that is regaining popularity due to the rising concern about the impact of the construction sector on climate. However, the low image of earthen materials is a major barrier to its acceptance in India, and is caused due to its poor water resistance performance. This research focuses on...
doctoral thesis 2022
Smits, M.W.M. (author)
This research project focuses on how decisions made by practitioners, articulating rural housing in Sub-Sahara Africa, contribute to the decreasing level of self-reliance inhabitants have regarding their housing. Multiple case studies on Mt. Elgon proved that inhabitants have a significantly higher self-reliance level, comparing traditional to...
doctoral thesis 2020