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√únal, Esat (author)
The Dutch Water board revised their guidelines for the safety assessment of dikes in 2017. A major change for the assessment of macro-stability is the use of the SHANSEP method to estimate the strength of impermeable cohesive layers. The failure probabilities are estimated with a deterministic analysis using limit equilibrium methods. The use of...
master thesis 2021
Leclercq, Vincent (author)
This thesis tried to quantify the strength reduction of the soft soil layers of the experiment through a back analysis of the failure of the dyke without sheet pile wall. Residual strength hypothesis were formulated based on a literature study and the current design norm of dyke design on soft soil layers in the Netherlands. A Limit Equilibrium...
master thesis 2020
Iereidis, Chris (author)
In this study, the assessment of the KIJK dike follows the new guidelines given by POV-M 2018 using PLAXIS. The macrostability assessment and design of the dike is examined for two cases. In the first case the dike is assessed based on the in-situ conditions (Green dike) whereas in the second case a cantilever sheet pile wall is used in the...
master thesis 2019