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Sridharan, V. (author)
Non-coherent on-off keying (OOK) receivers are preferred in ultra low power (ULP) wireless devices as they consume less power when compared to receivers based on other modulation schemes. However, these devices are highly susceptible to co-channel interference (CCI). Therefore, interference cancellation (IC) techniques for ULP non-coherent OOK...
master thesis 2012
Hendriks, R.C. (author)
The interest in the field of speech enhancement emerges from the increased usage of digital speech processing applications like mobile telephony, digital hearing aids and human-machine communication systems in our daily life. The trend to make these applications mobile increases the variety of potential sources for quality degradation. Speech...
doctoral thesis 2008
Doets, P.J.O. (author), Lagendijk, R.L. (author)
An audio fingerprint is a compact yet very robust representation of the perceptually relevant parts of an audio signal. It can be used for content-based audio identification, even when the audio is severely distorted. Audio compression changes the fingerprint slightly. We show that these small fingerprint differences due to compression can be...
journal article 2008