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Monteil, Jean-Baptiste (author), Iosifidis, G. (author), Dusparic, Ivana (author)
The virtualization of wireless networks enables new services to access network resources made available by the Network Operator (NO) through a Network Slicing market. The different service providers (SPs) have the opportunity to lease the network resources from the NO to constitute slices that address the demand of their specific network...
conference paper 2023
Monteil, Jean-Baptiste (author), Iosifidis, G. (author), DaSilva, Luiz (author)
Emerging network slicing markets promise to boost the utilization of expensive network resources and to unleash the potential of over-the-top services. Their success, however, is conditioned on the service providers (SPs) being able to bid effectively for the virtualized resources. In this paper we consider a hybrid advance-reservation and spot...
conference paper 2021